Foreign Students sharing their experience of Earn While You Learn Program.

"Scholarship credits earned by our foreign students".

“Work in Silence, let’s our hard work make noise

“I personally would like to thank my Mentor Mr. Jasmeeth for guiding me in the right track with immense advice and support during an awkward situation. The scholarship credits that I earned till date is not my own hard work and dedication, it’s the product of training and internship programme given by Edoofa scholarship programme.
These projects are especially important to the poor background students like us not only with credits but also with digital marketing skill that we need in our daily life. Jasmeeth sir is not only my mentor he lets me treat him like a brother and I trust him.
A teacher doesn’t mean that he or she should come and teach on a blackboard and ppt. Our projects are far beyond the syllabus that keeps us governed what is today’s world existing. Through the projects, I could learn how to write the blog, do social marketing through Facebook, WhatsApp messenger, Instagram etc. and developed my communication skills”.
Tashi Yangzom

“So, this has been my third-month running receive scholarship credits under the Earn While You Learn Program . And I would love to share that I was able to earn 16250 scholarship credits in just these three months. I really appreciate the opportunity I have been given to show up my skills in marketing, also being able to work under pressure and try to balance your projects tasks and your other college work. It really gives you the taste of what it will be like when u get into the working sector after you graduate.

Now looking and the projects themselves they are manageable but some are really tough to do as you go through the month especially the one of influencing people to use social media for marketing. Many people have the privacy of their social media platforms, they can reject that and similar to this there are many challenges that make up the mindset of an individual.

So that’s what I can say about the projects that the rest of the tasks are easy taking and doing. But so far it has been an adventurous journey and I hope it will get better as we move.”
Tiriwashe Mandota

“Well, it is a very pleasant moment to share my experience that I had gone through. But before switching on to it I feel incomplete without saying a word for My great achievement for the month of March. I would like to personally thank my mentor for his daily guidance, his comments were especially helpful while the research process and the way he groomed me into this level was just pleasure and a great moment that I have felt so far. Besides that most of the credit goes to Edoofa and their team, my dear friends for their help and guidance. Regarding the experience, for me, every day with a new task is a new experience with some new piece of knowledge. Through the projects that I have done so far, I came to know how social media apps and quora platforms help people to communicate all around the world and helps in making people aware about new technical advancement, about the innovation, products and services. Secondly, I came to know how social media marketing and digital marketing help to process their business in our daily life. Besides that, I got a lot of imformative knowledge which can be applied for everyone through platforms like Quora. Many more experiences like how to write answers, blogs; writing it really, helps my writing skills, It has given me research and development skills as well. So in the future I am hoping for the best.”
Chimi Tshering

At Edoofa, we always strive to share and encourage the talents of our selected students, which leads to their holistic development for the future.

With $7 Million worth of Scholarships and 1400 seats across the globe, Edoofa has a vision, to see Africa as a global leader of innovation, culture and growth. With this vision in mind, our global scholarship program has 400 Seats exclusively reserved for meritorious students across Africa. Admissions have started for the 2019 batch. For more information visit

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