My Experience At My College Campus And With Edoofa So Far: Jeremiah Gyasi Boahen

It has been an exciting moment since I arrived in India. The people of Edoofa and the university officials who welcomed me at the airport alone made me feel that am in the safe hands.

My experience at my college (PDM UNIVERSITY) and that with Edoofa so far cannot be underestimated. I arrived in India on Friday 25th August, 2017. I was welcomed by three Edoofa team members and a delegate from my University. I got in touch with the university on Monday and went through the registration process successfully. I was offered a very good reception at the administration. In fact that day need to be remembered. Every person in the administration was happy to see me as an international student from Africa and Ghana in particular. I was given a preferential treatment and even as of now I still have the opportunity to enter most offices in the administration at any moment of my choice.

Most of the students and lecturers are very friendly and are ever ready to offer any help possible to African students provided it is within their means. The mode of instruction is English Language, though at some point in time lecturers may use their language (Hindi) to explain some concept further to students from India who do not understand a concept.

Once a while Edoofa team visits the school to know how their students are doing. Training for job by Edoofa started on 1st September, 2017. The theme for the training is Students of Edoofa Earning and Learning to Success (SEELS for short). This training is being undertaken by all Edoofa students online and reports on students’ performance in the training are submitted to us individually. I am always in touch with my training manager who guides me throughout the training. Intermittently my counselor from edoofa also whatsapp me to know how I am doing of which I appreciate so much. Lectures are ongoing and I am really enjoying it. Though the food in India (native food) has not been friendly to me but I believe is a change of environment and as time moves on, I will adjust to it.

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