Edoofians’ Success by Fostering a Collective Growth Towards Education

Edoofa has always been proud of its identity as an organization that aims to create not just better students, but also better human beings. Our mission is to turn the young individuals of today into confident, strong, capable and kind citizens that help create a better civil society. It is in this regard that we see ourselves as educators in its truest form.

The student ambassadors with Mr. Angad Singh, founder and CEO of Edoofa

And if you want proof that we are succeeding in our mission, you don’t need to look any further than our very own student ambassador community in Africa. A group of Edoofians who have been successful in getting admission into the prestigious Edoofa Scholarship Program and strive towards helping their peers get the same opportunities, the student ambassadors represent the ideals of today’s young people in Africa, who are defined by collective growth in their mission towards Africa Rising.

Words of Appreciation from Edoofians

“Edoofa is the best place look for quality and affordable education. I have received my admission acceptance letter from Sanskriti University in India to pursue my dream course which is MBA in Healthcare Management with 70% scholarship on tuition fee. All these great news is as a result of Edoofa’s awesome efforts that took me there. Every single detail on their website is true because I have gone through all the process.” says Linda Adwoa Sakyiwaah Agyei from Ghana. She is a student ambassador for Edoofa and hopes other young, bright minds like her get the higher education opportunities that she got.

“I’m very much thrilled considering my journey and the experience I encountered with Edoofa. I must abide by the fact that Edoofa is one of the few organizations which is the best, trusted, genuine and transparent when it comes to scholarships giving.” says Atsu Sheriff, another student ambassador from Ghana. Atsu is pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration and believes Edoofa truly stands by its words, “Education For All”.

Abena Nsromapa claims how she originally thought the Edoofa Scholarship Program sounded too good to be true but when she dropped a message and was immediately helped by a counselor, she realized the genuineness of the program. She is now working as a student ambassador for the company, so that other young girls and boys who want genuine higher education opportunities don’t have doubts the way she did. These young student ambassadors have of course worked hard and got rewarded with the prestigious Edoofa Scholarship Program, that has helped them in their higher education and career pursuits. More importantly, by being student ambassadors, they have raised the awareness about the Edoofa program, so that genuine students like them can also follow this amazing journey and fulfil their dreams. And thus they are staying true to the spirit of education, of not just learning, but also doing. As Leonardo Da Vinci had said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Being willing is not enough, we must do.”

Edoofa ensures our students don’t just take steps, but leapfrog to success. Check your eligibility for the Edoofa  Scholarship program now or contact our counselors. We look for passionate, hardworking and intelligent students who will change the paradigm of the global industry as we see it today.

To connect with our counselors, apply now for the Edoofa Scholarship Program at http://www.edoofa.com/

YOU/ CAN ALSO CONTACT US ON +917838693749 OR https://www.facebook.com/edoofa/https://www.facebook.com/edoofa/

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