Edoofa Experience : Joseph from Ghana

Joseph is one of our most promising students from Ghana, who is ready to join PDM University in India in 2018.

My Edoofa Experience


There’s a popular adage which says “The pen is mightier than the sword”.

We can all agree with the general statement that Education is the road-map to success.

In 2016, I came to know about Edoofa through a Facebook advertisement. I made contact with Mr. Vivek, who connected me to my counselor. I must frankly confess that the pro-activeness of my counselor astounded me. Basically, he explained what Edoofa is, the need for me to opt for India as the destination for higher learning and how I can be enrolled onto the Edoofa scholarship programme.

It took less than a month. I successfully went through the Edoofa Cycle. I was interviewed and admitted into a prestigious university and I’d been offered a whooping 60% scholarship package to pursue my goals of higher learning.

Apparently, I still had my doubts and was not too convinced about the authenticity and credibility of Edoofa, though I had all the documents that attested that I have been offered admission. As if they knew of my doubts, the Edoofa team constantly contacted me and explained everything to me.

Just recently, Mr. Angad Singh, the CEO of Edoofa made a trip to Ghana and I was part of the Edoofa students who had the rare privilege of meeting him. Theopenness we enjoyed around him gave me the impression of how  friendly Indians are. He clarified all our doubts and perceived misconceptions with regards to Edoofa.

Prior to this meeting, many of the students thought Edoofa was a charitable organization who were giving away freebies. Mr. Angad clarified that misconception by explaining that Edoofa was rather a social-for-profit organization who derived dividends as they enroll students into higher learning institutions.

Surveying the tremendous impact Edoofa has made in this last decade, I hope they will broaden their horizon globally to reach many other deserving students from other parts of the world. This is so that, education can empower these students.

So far, I must commend the visionary management and the proactive Edoofa team.

Basically, I say “Ayekoo!”

EDOOFA!- Education For All!”


– Joseph


How to get an affordable Indian education

Not every deserving student gets an affordable higher education. Don’t miss this opportunity. Mr. Angad and Mr. Avreen are in Ghana for a few more days. Contact us for more details.
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You can also contact us on +917838693749 or studentcare@edoofa.com.

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