Edoofa; A Mentor, Guide and Friend: Student presents Gift to his Counsellor

Edoofa prides itself in being an educator and a guide to its students, not just mere career or education consultants. As an organization, we truly care about our students’ success because we know that only through genuine care can a foundation of trust be built. And that is the other aspect in which we pride ourselves, the trust our students have towards us. In a time when everyone is looking for immediate gains and are self-centred, placing your trust in someone is not easy, especially when it comes to education. But our students trust us because we guide them every step of the way. We call ourselves a higher education concierge, but when our counsellors interact with the students, when we come to get them from the airport, when we are there to resolve any issue they have regarding the scholarship program, classes, education guidance or even in life, that is when a deeper bond develops. Something more than a guide or a counsellor, we become a home away from home, a friend you can share your troubles with, a parent who can guide you on the right path.

Student Presents Gift to the Counsellor

This relationship is most evidently seen between our students and our counsellors. One of our recent additions to the Edoofa family, Rene Kouassi from Cote d’Ivoire, studying BSc. Chemistry with a 60% scholarship bought a gift for his counsellor, Ms. Isha Arora, whose guidance and advice helped him pursue his dream course and take his leap to success. He presented the gift to her when she arrived at the airport to receive and welcome him to India.

This goes on to show that at Edoofa we build lasting relationships with our students that stretch beyond only education, scholarships and career guidance. We are educators in the truest sense; we care for our students’ holistic development. We care not just for their present but also their future. Ms. Isha was not only a counsellor for Rene, but also a guide, an educator and a friend. That is why Rene developed a sense of trust towards her and Edoofa. The students’ success in every sphere of life is of utmost importance to us because their success is ours.

Edoofa has helped thousands of students across Africa and Asia achieve their higher education aspirations and aims to create pioneers in industry, business, arts, science and technology. We develop strong interpersonal relationships with our students and give them valuable education and career guidance. Edoofa ensures our students don’t just take steps, but leapfrog to success. Check your eligibility for the Edoofa Scholarship Program now or contact our counsellors. We look for passionate, hardworking and intelligent students who will change the paradigm of the global industry as we see it today.

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