Edoofa builds a community of ambitious, growth-seeking international students where we help them derive the best experience from our Higher Education Program in India.

We help them learn from experts, collaborate with fellow students, participate in community building
and build your leadership, communication & other executive job skills. We empower our students with affordable & quality higher education, a valuable degree that gets them jobs and income opportunities, skills that would place them high in the job marketplace.


And these happens with our “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN ” Program. Do you want to know more about it?

Read ahead below!




Edoofian Tariro Mukari touching lives in her Physiotherapy course in RIMT(pic1)
Edoofian Tariro Mukari touching lives in her Physiotherapy course in RIMT(pic 2)

















We’ve been working in the African Market for the past 1 year, and after counseling literally TENS of THOUSANDS of students, we’ve understood the problems which students face.


You know, employment and getting a job is one of the biggest problems in Africa.

Edoofa is an organization whose vision is not just to get you admission in a university. Edoofa stays with you for the course of your academic life (3-5 years).


This starts with the 3-month training, during which, we help build the required technical skills like digital marketing, organization, management etc. and soft skills like communication skills, leadership, presentation skills, team work etc. in you. We then help you get a part time job or internship for you to learn employability skills while actually working part time after classes. This also helps you earn a little money on the side.


We make sure you get a quality education during the course of your degree, become employable with the help of the 3-month training and the ‘Earn While You Learn’ program, and develop the right attitude and mindset necessary for success in your chosen career and in life.


So, what do you think about this program?

Watch this short video by the Program Director Mr Vivek to know more about the “ EARN WHILE YOU LEARN” program.




Get connected with the most caring, experienced and empathetic career counsellors who help you with direct and actionable advice for career growth. 

Register yourself on the website  www.edoofa.com.

Or contact us directly over whatsapp @ +91 7292063289  so that we can reach out to you and get you connected to one of the counselors in 24 to 48 hours.

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