Edoofa CEO  Mr Angad Singh enlightens about the Edoofa Scholarship Program.


Over the past 2 years, after counseling tens of thousands of students, we’ve really gone in-depth, in
understanding the problems which students face. We’ve gone above & beyond to ensure that Edoofians in
India has a spectacular experience. Edoofa Program removes every obstacle standing between you and
your dreams.


We want to make higher education affordable for you. With the quality education in India, we want to transform you into a person who’s so strong in the knowledge that he/she becomes better than the peers. Coupled with the Earn While You Learn program, we want to make you employable, getting you equipped with all the skills which today’s industry needs so that when you return to your country, you’ve got more number of opportunities chasing you as compared to your peers.



Edoofa is a social organization. Its parent company, Anhad Edutrain Solutions Pvt. Ltd which
was founded in 2009 has worked with 250+ Universities, Schools & Colleges. Because of all the good
work and relationships, we͛ve has been given a total of $ 5 Million Scholarship fund from the Education
Trusts of the bodies. That͛s why we interview each student to look for deserving students so that we can
make them a part of Edoofa and help them make education affordable with help of this grant. This,
combined with Edoofaa’s Earn While You Learn program sets up the student for long-term success.



Read ahead to know everything about it.


Let me tell you, tens of thousands of students globally from various parts of the world, who have an exceptionally good academic record, who’ve Aced every test or have high GPAs are struggling to get a fully funded scholarship. Unfortunately, Most students assume scholarship is like some charity or fruit that is being distributed which is not the case.



Let’s talk about Edoofa now, let me clarify that we aren’t a philanthropic and charitable organization and so this $5 million scholarship fund isn’t a grant which will be distributed to poor students. We are a social for-profit organization which aims to help deserving students with life-changing opportunities to further their career through affordable higher education as well as work opportunities.



Edoofa scholarship isn’t a fully funded scholarship, but we make higher education affordable, You must realize that while we wish to help every student, these are highly specialized programs and we are only seeking the brightest students for the same. The quantum of the scholarship depends on student’s performance in the interview with the Program Director as well as- merit & academic background, statement of purpose, recommendation, extracurricular activities, work experience etc.  


In India, the average cost of Higher Education is around $6000-$8000 per year.
For the selected students who are able to qualify for the EDOOFA Program by undergoing various tests
the cost comes down to $2000-$3000 per year.


This cost includes:

1. Remaining Tuition fees (if any)
2. Basic University Expenses (Books, etc.)
3. Food
4. Accommodation


Another reason why students LOVE Edoofa is that Edoofa has the vision, we take pride in helping
deserving students get a scholarship , and also part-time online income opportunities and internships.
Putting students into some of the most prestigious universities is not the only goal which we have, but
we also make sure that students are able to get skilled and make Money right from their first year in the
university, part-time.

We are a higher education concierge, we stay with the student throughout their academic life right from
building the application, applying to the colleges, training them and providing part-time Online Income
Opportunities and internships.



Edoofa founders meeting a group of Edoofians from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Malawi at their University in India.



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