Brandon shares his experience with Edoofa – a home away from home!

Mwatiza Brandon.

To begin with, the counseling and guidance sessions with my counselor were exceptional. The help l got from my counselor made it easy for me to decide on my suitable Program. My counselor helped me a lot and at the end of the sessions, l was with no doubt that India is the right destination for me to acquire my Higher education. I would love to take this moment to thank my counselor Mr. Bhawesh without his patients and expertise l wouldn’t have managed to acquire this scholarship opportunity. Furthermore, l carried on to the second stage that is the eligible test and l passed because l had the required knowledge that l had obtained from my counselor so it was a walk in the park. The Admission team was so accommodative and with their help l had the college interactive sessions and l got enrolled at the state of the art PDM university holding a 55% scholarship grant. Up to now, l am about to do my VISA application process and l have not faced any challenges because Edoofa is an organization of its word. My experience with Edoofa has been wonderful can’t complain. At first, l was so inquisitive but now l am home and dry without doubt Edoofa has taken me as its own and l feel at home because with Edoofa l am in good, well caring and responsible hands. Thank you Edoofa, “I AM A PROUD EDOOFIAN.”

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