Airport Arrival Pictures: Edoofians with Team Edoofa



Edoofa provides a home away from home by building a community of ambitious, growth-seeking international students and we help them derive the best experience from our Higher Education Program in India.


We help them learn from experts, collaborate with fellow students, participate in community building and build your leadership, communication & other executive job skills. We empower our students with affordable & quality higher education, a valuable degree that gets them jobs and income opportunities, skills that would place them high in the job marketplace.


Edoofa not only shows you the pathway towards success, but also holds your hand as you take your steps to reach your goal. This article is all about the fact that Edoofa not only helps you with your higher education in India, but also stays and guides you from the very first day that you arrive in India till the day you go back with flying colors.


This entire journey starts right from getting connected with the students , to getting them enrolled for the $5 million scholarship fund, to helping the students with their VISA application to picking up the students from the airport as they arrive in India.


Scroll below to have a look at the Airport arrival pictures of the Edoofians who have made it to India and are currently pursuing their dream courses in the best Universities in India.














If you too want to be a part of this $5 million scholarship fund and get the opportunity to study your dream course for your Higher Education at the best Universities in India, get connected with the most caring, experienced and empathetic career counsellors who help you with direct and actionable advice for career growth. 

Register yourself on the website

Or contact us directly over whatsapp @ +91 7292063289  so that we can reach out to you and get you connected to one of the counselors in 24 to 48 hours.

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