If African countries send more of their students to college, will it increase the economic growth and wealth in Africa?

Let me answer this question with this statistical information provided by Caroline Chipperfield on the website The British Council.

The vision for Africa in 2063 is that at least 70 percent of all high-school graduates go on to have tertiary education, with 70 percent of those graduating in subjects related to sciences and technology. To put this in context, the ambition is twice the current global average enrolment of 32 percent and more than eight times the current Sub-Saharan African average of eight percent. By meeting this challenge, and also ensuring secondary school education is universal across the continent, it would bring enrolment in Africa in 2063 approximately on a par with 2013’s enrolment rates in the UK, which were at 60 percent.”[1]





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[1]   The British Council,

Caroline Chipperfield, The British Council

Universities are at the heart of Africa’s economic rise

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