Today, we see a complex job scenario wherein on one side we have qualified professionals desperately trying to find a job, while on the other hand, there are many professions that need talent but are unavailable. In this backdrop, the need of the hour is that youth be aware and have an understanding of the emerging career options.







1. Fashion





The current cosmopolitan and fashion conscious wave that has taken over our country has opened up a huge arena for careers in fashion. These careers encompass traditional costume design, design of jewellery, footwear, wardrobe, costumes, accessories and the like. A career in this industry is glamorous yet demanding and rewarding.




2. Culinary arts







With food and cookery shows being a major trend across the world, culinary arts, a sub-domain of the hospitality sector, has now become the most sought-after field for an enviable career. This is a field where the age-old bias of gender does not prevail, and men and women alike are proving their worth in creating gastronomically delights.



3. Paramedical Sciences






In recent times, more focus is also seen on paramedical sciences, which acts as the support function to any medical practitioner. Areas such as optometry, pathology nursing, physiotherapy, and dentistry have taken a leap to become much sought after career options.




4. Media and entertainment







In this information era, media and entertainment has become a force to reckon with; this arena has become a huge career playground, with creativity and skills being at the forefront. This field comes with its share of glamour and visibility. We notice that FM Radio channels, TV channels, Internet companies, advertising agencies too are increasingly recruiting qualified professionals. Social media too has become an important aspect of media strategy of companies and hence requires qualified professionals in plenty.


However, every student needs to remember that to build a strong career, they must take this decision after thorough understanding of the prospective field and the underlying interest. The age of information overdose is such is such that it becomes important to pause, analyze and then decide on the career path to choose among the plethora of options available. It is here that a career counselor could be of help and guide the student to the right career path.




It is also important for every student to focus on their overall personality development and communication skills as these are an integral part of their career success. Students are also advised that in order to build a solid career foundation, they must at least pursue a degree course in their chosen area of interest.
Short term courses etc may help you find a job in the short run but your career progression will be stunted over a period of time in the absence of a proper qualification. It would be the ideal to also complete a Master’s degree in the chosen area of interest.


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