10 most sought-after courses in India for higher studies

Most sought-after courses in India for higher studies


India has quickly become a high priority of International students for higher studies, behind only the U.S. Indian cities receive a large number of applications from African students annually, owing to a nurturing environment, quality education, high standard of living, vast variety of available courses, and low fees and expenditure.  Indian government is providing big sums of waivers and scholarships to those, who have the knack for achieving it. India is the fastest growing country in the world, a land of new opportunities. It has to cater to the high demand of undergraduates, so there are a high number of courses on offer in multiple prestigious colleges.

Here is a list of the most sought after courses for International Students-


  1. Information technology And Engineering Sciences

It’s only fair to start the list with this. IT sector takes up more than half of the private sector jobs produced in India. And there are jobs because there’s a large number of IT engineers produced every year from premier institutes. More than 1,00,000 new jobs are created in IT sector every year in India. Also, India is the world’s largest producer of quality engineers. It is a result of quality education and infrastructure in engineering and sciences, making it a very lucrative course for higher education amongst international students. There are various engineering disciplines on offer in good colleges in India- Computer Science, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Civil, Chemical, Telecommunication, and Communication engineering are some of the most common disciplines for higher studies. There are also some specialized courses which many students prefer, such as, Technology and management, Business Analytics, etc. Apart from the variety of engineering courses India has to offer, there are also more than 10,00,000 jobs created in India every year across different disciplines. This is the reason behind IT and engineering being the most sought-after courses for Masters’ in India



  1. Business Studies (MBA, Economics)

Business studies is an academic program that is designed for students wanting to learn more about how businesses are run. It covers basic commerce and finance courses, as well as various aspects of business management. MBA is the course highest number of students enrolls in globally. There are multiple disciplines in MBA and one can wish to choose specializations as per how they want their career to grow, like Marketing, Finances, Public Relations, Management, Consulting, Project management, auditing, human resource management, entrepreneurship, and more. Indian Business schools are coveted around the world, for their quality education, and industry exposure. This is why Masters in Business and Economics in India is a very popular course for foreign candidates. A Masters in International Business helps in developing managerial skills, confidence and professional background to lead corporal initiatives and hones the necessary skill of working in teams with people from all over the world. A Master of Finance allows you to examine the relationship between risk, money and time more deeply, and helps gain an understanding of accounting analysis in a local and international context, with a perfect blend of theory and practice. There is great demand of people with such degrees, and the pay is high too. For a career in banking and commerce, one should be very well organized, enjoy numbers and money, and must have excellent math and computing skills. There are banking and government jobs in abundance in India, all of which hire people with such specialized degrees.


  1. Architecture, Art and Design

Indian monuments and aesthetically appealing designs are known around the world. That is an outcome of the quality Architecture, planning and design education provided in India. Design is considered to be a very broad discipline. A Master in Design is specialized in various fields, like automotive design, fashion design, graphic design etc. If you appreciate beautiful buildings and have an eye for design, and want to apply that talent practically, then a Master in Architecture may be the degree for you. India has a large number of reputed Architecture and Planning universities.  With a Master in Architecture, you will learn how to be a part of the process of improving the economic and social environment of cities through design, building, and planning. It’s an exciting and highly social field that allows you to work with people as well as in the field of designing and planning. As of 2013, there are 50,000 successfully employed architects in India, and that number is only growing.


  1. Medical, Biological and Life Sciences

Biology is a natural science that is concerned with the structure, function and evolution of various life forms, and encompasses an enormous field of science. It investigates the study of life. Many programs in Master of Biology dig into a variety of subjects and students can choose a specialization area of interest to them. There are many biochemists and biophysicists, marine biologists in India.   In Master of Biotechnology, students study the use of living organisms and bio-processes in technology, engineering, medicine, agriculture and results in all kinds of bio-products, from genetically modified food to serious cutting-edge devices used to carry out gene therapy. Students may also explore bioinformatics, the application of statistics and computer science to the field of molecular biology, which is widely used in genetics, DNA modeling. With a Master in Environmental Studies, students explore the combination of the physical and biological fields of science to help solve environmental problems, by helping in minimizing pollution, increase energy efficiency, promote alternative forms of energy, and increase awareness of environmental issues and sustainability. Over 6,00,000 students apply for medical courses examinations for their higher studies, highlighting how popular medicine and medical sciences is in India. The quality of education, infrastructure and exposure is immense. There are various degrees one can choose to pursue, such as M.B.B.S, M.D.S, M.D, et al.  India has been performing marvels in the world of biology and medicine for many years now, which is why it’s one of the most important courses International students look for, while applying for higher studies.


  1. Hospitality and Tourism (Hotel Management)

If you like the glamour and glitz of a five star hotel, then hospitality should be your career of choice. Opt for a degree in Hotel Management. Today, hospitality education is a coveted career and the National Council receives four times more applications than its fixed intake. India has nearly 150 institutes in the approved category, both in the government and private sector.  Hospitality institutes produce 14,000 graduates, of which 4,000 are diploma and certificate holders. So, 18,000 trained professionals are produced every year, 22 percent at the skills level and 78 per cent at graduate level. A survey by the Ministry of Tourism indicates that there is a demand for 2,00,000 trained hospitality professionals every year of which 66 percent is at skill level, and 34 per cent at managerial level. Apart from Hotel Management, people can also opt for courses on food and beverage, and Agriculture studies as well.


  1. International Law

As people around the world become increasingly connected with one another, the effects of law and regulations reach farther than ever. Therefore, those wishing to go into this legal field often cultivate a background in international studies. Every year, approximately 60,000 – 70,000 law graduates join the legal profession in India. As of 2011, there were 1.3 Million lawyers in India. There are various degrees one could pursue in law, namely L.L.B, B.A L.L.B, L.L.M, Masters in Business Law. Law is given high importance in India, so there is good infrastructure and funding provided by the government for this field.


  1. Arts

Arts is a huge field which primarily has two branches. A degree in Fine Arts degree allows individuals to study in an incredibly large number of topic areas. This may include things like dance, theatre, and classical music. It also includes visual arts like film studies, painting, photography, design, ceramics, musicology, and architecture. Other areas of study include applied arts, arts studies, computer arts, television studies, and fine arts. Arts programs require more creative thinking and intellectually-focused programs. And it is known around the world that India is a country which is immensely passionate about culture and creativity. Its film and movie industry, Bollywood, has huge following in the most remote of areas everywhere around the world. Liberal arts is one of the oldest subjects in the world, and was regarded as the hallmark of a good education, thus the term liberal. Anyone looking for courses in Liberal Arts will have an abundance of courses to opt from. Humanities courses in the recent years have started gaining as much popularity as engineering and medical courses. India has colleges that are renowned for their arts and humanities degrees, which include a number of subjects like literature, history, philosophy, political science, languages, psychology and various social sciences. Arts is extremely vast and various degrees come under it, such as B.A, B.Ed. M.Phil, etc.


  1. Fashion Designing and Technology

Fashion designing can be counted amongst the most exciting career options that one can have. In India, fashion has persisted since ages and is flourishing since long. The designs, the colors, the traditional attire is what people fall in love with, when they think of fashion in India. The field is for those who have an eye for style, fabric, colors, design, fashion, trend, creativity, originality and above all, a knack for promoting their creations. There are various fashion courses in India at various levels, such as diploma, certificate course, undergraduate, and postgraduate. The course deals with aspects like garment manufacturing technology, apparel marketing, accessory designing, textile design, development, fashion design and presentation, and many more fields. Fashion designing does not only mean designing dresses; there is a lot of it as candidates can also get into fashion media, designing accessories, fashion shows, fashion consultant, production manager, graphic designer, personal stylist, fashion coordinator, fabric quality control, sales representative, technical designer and more.


  1. Journalism and Mass Communication

Since mass media is directly connected with the masses, it comes across as one of the most influential and versatile industries in the country, which is one of the primary reasons which attracts youngsters to pursue a career in this industry. The expansion and increasing competition among the players in the media industry, along with the promising career in the field of journalism and in various other avenues, has created considerable scope for journalism in India.  The Indian Media and Entertainment sector is enjoying a bright summer since the past of couple years. According to FICCI- KPMG Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2015, the Indian Media Industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.9 percent which means it is expected to reach INR 1964 billion by 2019 from INR 1026 billion which was recorded in 2014. Owing to phenomenal growth in the past few years and with the estimated one in the future, media and journalism colleges, and related courses, are rapidly increasing in the country.


  1. Basic and Applied Sciences

Most of us learn the theoretical aspects of science right through school. Science is an internationally accepted applied discipline that deals with the study of nature and the universe as a whole. Applied Science differs from basic science because the latter seeks to describe the most fundamental objects and forces having less emphasis on practical applications. It’s devoted to develop understanding of the fundamental principles of science, whereas engineering focuses on the practical application. If one wants to go in-depth in such courses, there are B.Sc, B.C.A, and M.Sc. degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc. The main goal of a B.Sc degree in any subject is to develop a deeper understanding of natural laws, inquiring about the reasons and logics which govern them through established methods of observation, modelling, experimentation and calculations. This makes B.Sc degree a very important weapon in your arsenal and opens a plethora of opportunities for further studies, research as well as lucrative employment opportunities across the globe.

no. of international students in India per course

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