Landscape Architecture is an art and practice of designing the outdoor environment to harmonize it with buildings and roads. Landscape Architect plans and designs open spaces like parks, parkway, golf courses and gardens in order to make them look beautiful and functional.


Landscape architecture includes:

  1. urban planning
  2. site planning
  3. environment planning
  4. real estate planning
  5. green infrastructure planning etc.

Landscape Architects works both as a lead professional as well as a specialist site designer. They can work in a wide range of projects including civic development, urban development, urban design as well as commercial, industrial and tourism developments.

They also work in association with:

  • surveyors
  • engineers
  • environmental scientists
  • building architects

these professionals help them determine the arrangement of roads, buildings, etc. without harming the natural environment.


In order to be a Landscape Architect, a student needs to be creative and should possess technical skills along with good written and oral communication skills.

The professionals require convincing power along with leadership and management skills.

Computer basics are also favourable.

Degree – Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture (B.L.A.) or Bachelors’ of Science in Landscape Architecture (B.S.L.A.). During the Bachelors degree course in landscape architecture,students are exposed to the design, planning and management of natural environments and engineered structures. There are equally good opportunities for students who want to pursue a Master’s course in Landscape Architecture from both India and abroad like M.L.A/M.S.L.A./Ph.D.

These professionals and graduates can find appealing career opportunities in public, private as well as in academic organizations across the globe depending upon their experience level and expertise.