About Us

Every year, millions of students face the problems of not knowing where to get quality college education, how to finance the high cost of getting such education, how to get industry exposure and how to learn appropriate skills for a job.

Welcome to EDOOFA.

We help students to get affordable college education through scholarships, industry exposure and internships.

We believe that quality higher education should be affordable, accessible and should make a person employable.



Study in your dream college through Edoofa

Choose from our carefully recommended partner colleges, chat directly with their admission officers & faculty and make an informed choice. Apply to any number of colleges for free and secure admission.



Self-finance your education

Don’t let the high cost of higher education destroy your dreams. Edoofa gets you the best scholarship & sponsorship to bring down the cost. Further, get trained and get prestigious part time internships to earn money while you are in college.



Build your road-map to Success

We help you to build a solid foundation for a successful career through the best higher education Experience. You get the power to choose from the best colleges available, access to scholarships, guidance & help to secure admission, assistance for visa & travel, training resources to become employable and opportunity to work in internships.



Join a community of empowered international students

We have built a community of ambitious international students and we help them derive the best experience from our Higher Education Program. Our mission is to empower our students with  education, a valuable degree that gets them jobs, skills that would place them high in the job marketplace.